Education - EduForenSci at Schools, Colleges and Universities


Whether a primary school, high school, college or university we can help. We can either visit your establishment and use our equipment or we can develop activities to use in your class. We have a variety of tools used by CSIs and forensic laboratory officers to help us provide the best service possible. Our presentations are interactive in order to keep all students engaged, ensuring effective learning for everyone.


Our practical exercises are varied to keep the learners interested and active. In a typical 4 hour session, there will be at least 5 practical exercises involved. These will be varied from Crime scene examination and recovery of evidence, fingerprint enhancement using fingerprint brushes and powders, fingerprint analysis, examination of footwear impressions, examination of tool marks, fibres, document examination and many more.


We can also develop online educational programmes (these can be custom-made) for teaching the science behind crime scene and forensic science.


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Events - EduForenSci for Murder Mystery Events


Whether you have an interest in forensic science, having a birthday party, social gathering with friends and family, or staff social? Whatever the occasion, we can help. These sessions are run either late afternoons or early evening to fit our clients’ working schedule. We can either come to a venue arranged by you or we can organise a venue for your party. A typical 3 hour session will involve a short presentation about forensic science, followed by an introductory practical to crime scene examination and the recovery of evidence. Finally, you will be split into groups in order to investigate a murder scene.


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We have a variation of tools that can help your organisation by developing training programmes for your staff on techniques used for the effective investigation of crime scenes. We can assist you develop training to ensure the continued development of skills and abilities of your staff at the crime scene and in the forensic laboratory.


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